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About Us

Warchol Swimwear has produced swimwear garments from our factory in the United States for over seven decades. Experienced craftspeople with many years of sewing expertise have been proudly producing garments for Warchol swimwear for generations. Every single garment is then personally inspected by those same craftspeople to ensure quality garments for you to wear.

Our process:

  • Select styles appropriate for Warchol swimwear
  • Pattern makers design and create patterns and samples
  • Select quality fabrics
  • Test suits in athletic situations
  • Prepare markers and cut suit pieces out from fabric
  • Sew and assemble suits
  • Inspect suits for defects
  • Always keep an open ear for feedback on how to improve our products once a suit is sold!

Once the samples are "Fit" approved they will then be released to our Advertising/Sales Department to be added to our existing product lines.